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Ei3 AV Club

You’ve probably never heard of us.

That’s because for the last 20+ years we’ve been installing quarter million dollar audio visual solutions into corporate settings and high end homes. Over the years we offered our same level of service to our friends and family for an outstanding price. As our friends and family began to refer our exceptional work to others we began to offer the friends and family deal to their friends and family. What has come to be known as the Ei3 AV Club.

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We both know box stores over charge. 

Retail stores often charge double what they pay for consumer items. When it comes to home electronics, the box stores may charge a fair price on big ticket items but it is the small items, cables, TV mounts, and other accessories where they rake in their profit. Often charging ten times what an item costs them. We offer an unbeatable price on cables, installation, and only sell the best TV mounts available for the same price point.

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$350 includes professional installation at the highest quality. When we leave, you will be comfortable with the control of your system and everything will look great. We HATE ugly installations. This is why our standard installation includes concealing the cables. Be assured you will receive the same exceptional treatment we give to our multi-million dollar home owner clients.
Nothing less.

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  • Receiver setup, audio levelling and sources checklist
  • Dress all wires with sock and cable ties
  • Testing for seamless operation
  • Mounted speakers for optimal sound
  • Demonstrate basic functions and how to use them
  • Conceal wires in a standard frame construction, under the carpet or in mouldings, as well as neatly hide all speaker wiring