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It started with a project that could change the world

Surf Anywhere was a born out of the need for the Alberta River Surfing Association (ARSA) to have a world class wave.  This selfish quest quickly turned into a project to improve the world.  Because the Kananaskis river is dam operated and turns off at night we have the ideal location to test new wave designs and release that information with the world.  From there our mission is to make building these wave in other river surfing communities around the world as easy as possible.



The Surf Anywhere project is a community project built entirely from donations.  Hundreds of man hours and thousands of dollars have been given towards the cause.  Please support us for these reasons among others:

  • Open source design means our results are public
  • Our dam operated river is the perfect place to try wave designs from the international river surfing community
  • Our design is the most cost effective in the world, we’ll show you how to build it
  • We have government approval


We are tracking the progress of the Surf Anywhere project so you can follow along in your community.  Contact us if you are interested in building a wave in your community.

  • Track our progress
  • Use as a template to build your own wave
  • Show others wave building is easy and accessible


We are keeping track of all the other wave building projects in the world.  Please contact us, send us links, or just drop a hello if you are:

  • Building a wave in a river near you
  • Found a new river wave
  • Have an idea for a wave design
  • Love river surfing!!

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