100 Year Flood: River Destroyed

In late June 2013, southern Alberta experience massive downpours in mountains. More water fell and more snow melted in these few days then any time in the past 100 years. The result is catastrophic flooding in the mountains and in the communities downstream. The Surf Anywhere test site is completely submerged and probably has been washed away, the dam that shuts the river off has been seriously damaged and the river can no longer be shut off. We do not know how long the repairs will take or when we will be able to do work in the river. We are helping in our communities, with the damage homes and displace friends, families and neighbours. When the water receeds we will be helping with the community clean-ups. Once the homes and people are in better shape we will continue out of river construction. We will be ready to install a world class wave in September 2013 … we can only hope the river will be ready for us.

The Barrier Dam that feeds the Surf Anywhere Test Site – June 24, 2013

Flooded Surf Anywere Test Site. There used to be waves and a kayak course here – June 25, 2013

Neil Egsgard
Founder & President
Surf Anywhere Project