Planting the Seed

In February 2009, Neil Egsgard went the local river users association asking for their support and feedback on building a river surfing wave. With support and community comments in mind, the Alberta River surfers got to work professionally surveying promising surf wave locations, extensively researching existing waves, calculating the general specifications and identifying financial, labour, equipment and material support.

In early 2010, a meeting with Transalta who run the dam feeding the river revealed the preferred location would not be allowed so the wave plan was moved downstream. A second round of surveying confirmed the new location would allow a world class wave. Neil Egsgard completed the initial proposal and submitted it to the 5 governmental bodies that needed to approve the project. In February 2011, the Surf Anywhere Project received conditional support from local, provincial and federal departments but the proposal would have to be resubmitted with professional stamped structural, environmental and hydraulic engineering drawings.

  • Dam River
  • history
  • river wave building