Construction Begins In Earnest

We picked up our first order of steel today and began construction of the wave slope. We have a beautiful location with a covered barn, views of the mountains, sun and lots of space. There is a lot of cutting, grinding, welding, measuring, sweating and general work to be done in the next 6 weeks but we have a solid plan and a good crew. We are building the in run slope and wave ramp / kicker out of welded steel and expoy sealed marine plywood. The constriction will be made from a combination of concrete barriers and large boulders. The end result will be a 30′ (10m) long channel, 20′ (7m) wide with a 3′ (.9m) drop) along a 7 degree slope. The wave will be 20′ (7m) wide, 3′ (.9m) high with eddy access from one side and will be completely adjustable.

Neil Egsgard
Founder & President
Surf Anywhere.