River Repairs: Installation Back On Track!

Our wave installation is back on track!   I chaired the meeting of the Lower Kananaskis River Users Association this week and lots of good was revealed.

Installation and Dam Repair

Currently our river cannot shut off because the power dam that controls the flow is damaged.  Repairs are taking place over the winter and we will be able to completely shut off the river for wave installation in 2014 and for regular adjustments.    More specifically, the inside of the dam including the turbines were seriously damaged and so was the substation. The outlet of the dam is clogged with rock. Transalta, the dam owners, are in the process of repairs and plan to be finished in Spring 2014.  The dam owners will help us with our construction by shutting the water on and off as  we need once the dam is fixed. The Barrier Dam is an electricity generator and everyday it is off is a financial loss so they are very keen on fixing the dam.

There is a large donation of rock available in Spring 2014 through contacts in the Alberta Whitewater Association. We are still looking for material independently. More rocks mean more, better and stronger features.

The LKRUA and other river organizations may be willing to provide us with additional funds. We are still fund raising independently and will be doing a few events during the winter months.

Wave Model

We have the location determine and have begun building a 1/12 scale model of the Kananaskis River!  The model will be made available to wave builders around the world to test their ideas and their waves.  We will also be sharing our build details.

New waves are on the horizon!

Neil Egsgard

Founder & President

Surf Anywhere Project