Slope Complete: Ready to Install!

After weeks of seemingly non-stop labour, well spent funds, countless hours of donated time, we completed the slope and it is ready for installation in the river. The slope frame is made from welded steel tubing and is in two sections for transport by a large flat bed trailer. The sections will be joined together on site and out of river by our team of welders and placed in the river by combination of track-hoe & rock truck. The plywood has been sealed with multiple coats of epoxy and is now fully water proof and extra strong. The wave ramp is still under construction and the end result will be fully adjustable and removable allowing us to test a wide variety of wave shapes. The 2200 lbs (1000 kg) concrete blocks ready for pick up and we just found some additional large boulders. All of our pieces are in place but we are still looking for more boulders and blocks … but we are still waiting on the river.

We have yet to hear confirmation from the dam operators whether they will be able to shut off the river for our construction. Either way it will be good. If they can shut off the river then we can install and begin testing and surfing our waves. If they still need to repair then we have more time to make the feature even better.

Key Points on Building a Steel Frame

  • Welding wave ramps requires experienced and skilled welders with powerful welding rigs. ¬†We had gas generator powered welding rigs.
  • Setting up the frame and ensuring everything is level in all directions before and during the welding is hugely important.
  • Steel bends so keep your structure support during construction.

Stoke & Flow,

Neil Egsgard
Founder & President
Surf Anywhere Project