Initial Ramp Test

In May 2013, the Surf Anywhere Project and the Alberta River Surfing Association completed our first three wave tests. We only had a few days for testing and it was a huge success. The test was paid for entirely by small individual donations and lots of donated labour by local surfers. Using less than $5,000 we created a safe and surfable wave on the second day of tests and learned a lot.

The design was an adjustable wooden ramp structure installed downstream of construction.  We modified the ramp and the surrounding river bed over four days.

Day 0:  Constriction with no ramp.  November 2012

Day 1:  30 degree ramp with sloped top.  Bedrock around ramp and between ramp and construction is covered with small boulders and rocks.   May 2013.

Day 2: 50 degree ramp with flat top.  Bedrock between ramp and constriction has been cleared of rocks making the water infront of the ramp deeper.   Submerged rock wall were built on either side between the edge of the ramp and the constriction.  May 2013.
Day 3: 45 degree ramp with top slightly sloped back and surfers right submerged wall strengthened.   May 2013.

The biggest improvements were from creating the underwater channel forcing the deeper water over the ramp and from the structure forcing the water upwards.  In this case the angle of the ramp had little effect which suggests the ramp size was incorrect for the flow.   A simple, low cost wave can be create with a basic constriction, underwater channel and ramp.  No slope is required for this design.

Neil Egsgard

Founder & President

Surf Anywhere Project